In its efforts to shore-up RTD’s operations budget for 2009, RTD staff has recommended fare increases of roughly 14 percent on everything from cash fare rates to monthly pass prices. In addition, based on increased ridership numbers among those who use RTD’s unlimited access passes, such as the Eco Pass, RTD staff is proposing an additional 5 percent annual price increase just for these fare products. The full recommended fare adjustment package is attached at the bottom of this posting.

In previous postings, such as my piece on the “Transit Paradox,” I have explained why RTD is forced to consider such revenue generating measures. Rising fuel prices and rapid increases in other operations expenses, along with lower than usual sales tax income, have taken a severe bite out of RTD’s budget. With no other readily available revenue sources and no other significant opportunities for budget savings, other than severe service cuts, I believe it is appropriate for RTD to begin a dialogue with the public regarding a proposed fare hike.

Aside from the proposed fare adjustments, though, RTD staff also included in its recommended 2009 fare policy package some additional provisions that I believe fundamentally change the structure of our current Eco Pass and Neighborhood Pass programs. These policies changes include the following:

Raising the minimum threshold for companies that participate in the Business Eco Pass program to 50 employees (i.e. all companies below 50 employees will have to pay the same rate as a company with 50 employees);

Placing a moratorium on any new neighborhoods joining the Neighborhood Pass program; and,

Charging unlimited access pass holders an additional $5 fare for use of skyRide services.

I objected strongly to the staff decision to include these elements in its recommended fare adjustment package. I feel such significant structural changes to the Eco Pass and other unlimited access pass products should be subject to separate analysis, outside of measures that are designed simply to help RTD balance its operations budget. Specifically, I offered the following perspective in a statement to my Board colleagues:

Keep the Focus on Fares!

RTD staff has done an excellent job over the past few months preparing a proposal for bus and rail rate adjustments that will help RTD maintain its service standards. The proposal that sits before us tonight contains a series of balanced rate adjustments that are worthy of our planned public input process. These rate adjustments cover all of RTD’s fare payment mechanisms, from direct cash fares to annual Eco Passes.

At the same time, beyond the typical fare adjustment discussion, RTD staff is proposing a series of measures that fundamentally change the structureof our Eco Pass and Neighborhood Pass programs. I am speaking specifically of the proposals to place a moratorium on Neighborhood Passes, to increase the minimum employee thresholds for the Eco Pass program, and to charge all Passholders a new $5 fee for skyRide service. These proposed measures have significant policy implications for the Eco Pass and Neighborhood Pass programs.

You have seen the e-mails and heard the testimony this evening. These proposed structural adjustments will have a devastating impact on RTD customers from across the Denver region, many who are RTD’s most loyal riders.

Further, RTD staff offers these proposed structural changes to the Eco-Pass and Neighborhood Pass programs at the very time that we are expecting to get the hard ridership data that will help us to make truly sound policy decisions. In 2009, after many too many years of delay, we are finally installing the fareboxes that will definitively answer the questions we have regarding Eco-Pass ridership. So, why now, just as we wait to receive this data, should we take precipitous action based on information that we have been arguing about for the past 16 years?

It is for these reasons, because of the devastating implications to our most devoted transit customers and the precipitous nature of the proposed measures, that I ask my fellow Board members to please join me in supporting a proposed amendment that removes the non-germane structural adjustments to the Eco Pass and Neighborhood Pass programs from the proposed 2009 fare policy changes.

Ultimately, four of my Board colleagues joined me in my proposed amendment. Others expressed some sympathy with my position on the three structural adjustments in the unlimited access pass products, both publicly and in private conversations, but felt it was appropriate to take the entire staff proposal out for public consideration. I think the Daily Camera did the best job describing last Tuesday’s debate and detailing the opinions that others have offered on this issue:

In light of the Board decision last Tuesday evening, the entire package of proposed fare increases and policy adjustments will now circulate for public comment. Please make sure to check the RTD website,, for specific public hearing dates and locations . . . and let your voice be heard on this issue!

September 9 Updates: 

Update #1: There will be two public hearings in Boulder on Thursday, September 18; one at 12:00 p.m. in the theater at the main Boulder Public Library branch on Canyon Boulevard and the other at 6:00 p.m. in the Glenn Miller Ballroom of the UMC on the University of Colorado campus.

Update #2: RTD staff has scheduled a Board meeting at 5:30 p.m. on September 30 at the RTD Headquarters, 1600 Blake Street in Denver, for a final vote on the proposed fare policy changes.  There will be a public hearing during this meeting . . . so it is another opportunity for you to express your opinion on the proposed structural changes to the unlimited access pass programs.

RTD Fare Policy Recommendations for 2009


30 Responses to “Just Looking for a Fare Fight on the Eco Pass”  

  1. 1 George Morris

    I’m completely in agreement with RTD that the rates should increase but the 50 employee minimum is a deal breaker for far too many people. Why not offer options such as:
    Businesses with 10 or less employees
    1- yr Eco Pass $xxxx
    6 month Eco Pass $xxxx

    Then they could tier it for up to 25 employees and then 50 etc… Price them all accordingly. The Denver Metro residents / businesses want options and it would be counterintuitive for RTD to eliminate the Eco Pass for such as large potential customer base.

  2. 2 Mark Niemeyer

    I can’t see how eliminating customers improves RTD’s bottom line. Doing away with EcoPass for small business will effectively end my ability to use the bus, and I would imagine that is true for the majority of people in my situation. It’s a lose/lose scenario for everyone.

  3. 3 Karen Gahm

    I was happy to see that there are others out there who feel the same way that I did when I read what RTD was planning on imposing. While I understand the need for increases with gas prices, it is hard for me to comprehend how eliminating a large group of RTD’s customer base will help their cause. I agree with Mr. Morris and many of my colleagues at my office that RTD should continue with their structured pay scheme and just give companies with less than 50 employees a different rate possibily. However, eliminating them from the Eco Pass is definately not fair in any ways and also possibly makes those passengers look for alternate routes of getting to work. In a time when Denver is supposed to be such a “green” City, it amazes me that RTD isn’t promoting its “green” as well.

  4. 4 Teryl Gorrell

    It is difficult to imagine a rationale for eliminating the Eco Pass for businesses with fewer than 50 employees when that is by far the largest group of businesses in downtown Denver. Our firm would be in the eliminated group, and elimination would hurt a number of our employees. It would be a shame from a cost, convenience and environmental standpoint to eliminate them from the Program. All of our employees pay the same RTD taxes as employees of larger companies, and we deserve the same access to RTD programs.

  5. 5 Bruce Clark

    It’s great to see a dialogue about this online. Thanks for the insight!

    I too hope that an alternative can be reached in regard to EcoPass users. For those environmentally concerned, and those who work for small business it seems so out of wack.

    I definitely plan on participating in a public hearing regarding the matter.

  6. 6 ml robles, Newlands EcoPass coordinator

    The fundamental problem: RTD does not have a viable economy in the EcoPass program, has led to – what in my opinion is – unsustainable thinking. I feel like we certainly need to ride out this storm and create the least amount of damage so we can get to a place where the real discussion can happen. A discussion based on actual facts that need to be aligned with transportation goals. I believe the RTD ridership is willing to be a part of the solution and engage the transportation needs toward sustainable solutions. We are in this together and i look forward to opportunities to find equitable solutions that create win-win-win for RTD, riders, and regional health.

  7. 7 Roger Harris

    As a volunteer Neighborhood EcoPass coordinator, I believe that the additional charge for the SkyRide will negatively impact the many retirees in my neighborhood who buy the pass mostly for the benefit of those SkyRide trips. The loss of those retirees will impact the cost of the pass to others in the neighborhood.

  8. 8 Darrin Judkins

    As a volunteer coordinator for the Norwood-Quince NECO and disenchanted former RTD Unlimited Pass subcommittee member I am not surprised by the knee jerk proposals on the table. I support your opposition and proposed amendment.

    I have anticipated these increases for some time and feel certain that our neighborhood will survive this latest increase. The challenge for these increases extend to GoBoulder’s financial burden which stands to take a substantial hit at the current 30% city subsidy. I would not be surprised if this doesn’t break their budgets. I am thus making plans to price my program to absorb a reduction in the 30% subsidy as well.

    The solution or partial solution comes from the RTD state funds to be increased and tied to expanded ridership. Currently RTD does not have any pressure on funding to expand service and thus can comfortably make a decision to reduce usage for a financial trade off.

    For me this is the culmination of a frustrating year with RTD.

  9. 9 Scott Hamilton

    The $5 fee for Skyride service is a potential deal-breaker for us, at any rate. One of the main reasons we contribute to the eco-pass system is so that our family of 5 can travel to the airport at a reasonable cost. However, RTD has never (due to pressure from the private sector, according to my understanding) optimized the Boulder-DIA run, which means that it can take almost twice as long to get there by bus as by car. Take $5X5 people (not to mention our initial eco-pass investment), and it is definitely cheaper to drive to the airport for us, and more convenient.

  10. 10 Bill Multhauf

    I am a flight attendant working out of DIA. I have been using RTD for over 10 years to get back and forth to work. My car is parked at a Park-N-Ride for 2 to 4 days. Between the surcharges to ride the Skyride and for multiday parking, it WILL be cheaper for me under the proposed plan to drive the 45 miles from Boulder then purchase my NECO pass and pay skyride and parking surcharges( our neighborhood uses a graduated pay plan where regular users pay more that occasional rider ).

  11. 11 Betty Parks

    I agree with those who question the wisdom of lowering ridership of the RTD system. Traveling by car is much more convenient and comfortable than by bus, but if the eco-pass is kept reasonable, the savings in dollars will displace to a great extent, the urge to use the car…usually a one person event. A full bus is extremely more kind to the environment than 30 one person autos are. Please keep the eco pass going,. Betty Parks

  12. 12 Lori Fuller

    RTD’s price increase and new restrictions for the Eco Pass program doesn’t make sense because they are disproportionally burdening their most loyal customers. As an Eco Pass block leader, I know how difficult it is to get a neighborhood Eco Pass off the ground. We actually go door to door promoting RTD’s service. Many people are not interested in an Eco Pass, because the inconvenience of the bus is not worth it at any cost. We then have to organize additional fund raisers in order to cover RTD’s Eco Pass rates.

    If RTD thinks they’re losing money on this program, I’m interested in understanding why. To my knowledge Eco Passes are available in most RTD service areas. If communities outside of Boulder are not taking advantage of them, it is a good indication that these passes are not as cost effective as RTD believes. If RTD thinks it’s OK to dismantle the program because it will mostly just affect Boulder, that is short sighted and unfair. RTD must be more visionary in their approach. If gas is cheaper than RTD fares, public transportation will never be a cost effective, viable option for the majority.

  13. 13 Travis Duea

    While I wish these changes to RTD’s Eco Pass were not necessary, I also understand the economics behind RTD’s proposal. Recently, ridership has been increasing due to the upward trend in fuel prices. Yet, RTD’s sales tax revenues have decreased – which makes it difficult (if not impossible) to add extra buses on routes with growing ridership.

    As such, I believe that RTD’s 2009 Fare Proposal is reasonable, given their current financial situation. I even support the $5 fee on SkyRide services for EcoPass customers – primarily because this is a premium service (with a proposed $12 one-way fare from Boulder). As such, the $5 SkyRide fee is a bargain in comparison with the full-fare (and it is still cheaper than parking at DIA, which starts at $5 per day in the economy lots).

    I do disagree with RTD’s decision to prohibit employers with less than 50 employees, and new neighborhoods, from participating in the EcoPass program. All citizens pay the same RTD sales tax, and so they should all have the same access to RTD’s discounted fare programs. That being said, I would understand if RTD decided to charge different EcoPass rates based upon the number of employees at a company (as the rate of pass utilization may vary by the size of a company).

  14. 14 Tracy S

    I am writing you to express my disappointment with some of the proposed changes to the Eco Pass.
    I, and everyone at my company would be comfortable with the rate increases, as we think they are currently very reasonable. Also, by permitting employee contributions is a good way to help increase your needed revenue (with in reason) as well.
    My/our main qualm is with the proposal to eliminate eligibility for companies with less that 50 employees. Why does it matter how many employees are in a company? Having a large number of small companies pay for Eco Passes is much more in your favor than the loss of revenue you will most certainly incur without us! Our entire office park has companies with less than 50 employees and this would greatly affect your ridership. By reducing your ridership in this category will greatly reduce your revenue. And if you thought you were in financial constraints now, just wait until you eliminate the smaller companies.
    So increase your rates as you planned, but let the small companies continue to enjoy riding RTD!! How can we help you make this happen?

  15. 15 Cathy Devaney

    I understand budget issues but the truth is that our company will actually give RTD less money next year if the small companies are eliminated from the eco pass program. The cost of passes and/or coupon books for the number of people not assigned a parking space is lower than the eco pass program fee. We do it to provide a potential benefit to our employees so that they will consider using public transportation. While ridership will probably decrease with the proposed changes, the decrease in revenue might more than offset the reduced expenses, leaving RTD in a worse financial position. Until they have the data to support these cost cutting measures, it doesn’t sound like an informed business decision.

  16. 16 George Morris

    perhaps the RTD should elighten us with the actual economics of why they want to change the Ecopass program.

  17. 17 Bob Whitson

    Your Eco Pass is still in trouble!

    Second Boulder RTD Public Hearing Announced.

    RTD Staff has recommended that the Eco Pass program for companies with less than 50 employees be eliminated. If this should happen, it will have a devastating impact on riders and eliminate 66% of companies that have the Eco Pass in the Denver/Boulder region. RTD’s proposal means 136 small Boulder businesses would no longer be able to provide Eco Passes to their employees as an incentive to use alternative transportation.

    Due to the CU-West Virginia football game on September 18, RTD has added an additional Boulder public hearing on the same date at noon at the main library in downtown Boulder.

    If your Eco Pass is important to you, please plan on attending this hearing and let your opinion be heard.

    Your help could make a difference and this recommendation from RTD staff can be stopped.

    This RTD staff proposal also includes the following recommendations:
    Prevent the expansion of existing neighborhoods and prohibit new neighborhoods in the Eco Pass program
    Implement a $5 SkyRide fee to DIA for Eco Pass users
    Increase Eco Pass rates by an additional 5% (for a total increase of 19%) due to ridership increases
    Increase Eco Pass rates by 14% in accordance with overall fare increases

  18. 18 Bob Whitson

    We are also going to sue the following website to share information and comments:

  19. 19 Bob Whitson

    E-mails to all the RTD directors can go a long way to changing this staff recomendation:


  20. 20 Bob Whitson

    From The Boulder Chamber:

    The Boulder Chamber is alerting our members to proposed changes to the transit options provided by the Regional Transportation District (RTD) that could have negative impacts on your employees.
    Increases in fuel and materials costs, combined with stagnant tax revenue, has led to proposals that would increase fares, reduce service and eliminate programs.

    Most importantly, RTD is proposing to make businesses with less than 50 employees ineligible for the EcoPass program, which would impact 66% of the businesses in the Denver metro area that currently provide the Eco Pass to their employees.

    The Chamber believes there is insufficient data to support eliminating smaller businesses from the EcoPass program and more detailed ridership information must be gathered.

    How You Can Help:
    There are public meetings being held where you can get more details and voice your concerns, including:
    • Boulder : 6:00 PM Sept. 18 University of Colorado Glenn Miller Ballroom, 1669 Euclid Ave
    • Longmont : 6:00 PM Sept. 18 Longmont Public Library, 409 4th Ave
    Additional meetings will be held through the Denver area, click here for more information.
    You may also contact RTD at 303-299-2008 or . All comments must be received by 5:00 PM on Friday, September 19, 2008.

    We strongly encourage you to contact RTD and provide your concerns on these proposals.

  21. 21 Bob Whitson

    From CU

    RTD management has proposed changes to the Eco Pass program that would raise prices by an unprecedented 19% in 2009; eliminate over 500 of the employers currently active in the Eco Pass program; add a $5 per ride surcharge for Eco Pass users of the DIA skyRide service and freeze growth in the neighborhood Eco Pass program. In addition RTD proposes to raise most fares by 14% – local cash fares would increase from $1.75 to $2.00 per trip; skyRide fares would go up by $1; monthly Local passes would rise from $60 to $68/month, Express passes from $108 to $126/month and Regional monthly passes would go up from $144 to $162/month. The CU Student Bus Pass fee would also need to be increased to keep up with the 14% fare increases.

    CU-Boulder supports RTD’s request for the 14% across the board increase in fares to address rising operations costs – including fuel costs and the cost of new service to support increasing ridership. Perhaps now more than ever we all need a solvent RTD to provide good transit.  However, considering that RTD was granted increases to Eco Pass pricing of 10% in 2006 and 12% in 2008 for similar reasons, we feel that another 19% in 2009 is excessive and ask the RTD Board to limit the increase in Eco Pass pricing to the 14% level applied to all other fares and ask that this increase be spread over two years at 7% per year. 

    CU-Boulder has requested that RTD reconsider implementation of all current proposals with the exception of the 14% across the board rate increase for the following reasons:

    – Additional 5% Eco Pass increase: RTD implemented a 10% increase in 2006 that was not applied to the Express or Regional pass programs. This increase has generated enough added revenue over the last three years to cover any added operating costs associated with new service from increased Eco Pass ridership. Eco Pass riders account for only about 10% of all ridership so most added service costs for higher ridership are not Eco Pass related.

    – Increase minimum number of employees for Eco Pass eligibility: This change would eliminate two-thirds of the businesses that currently participate in the Eco Pass program, over 500 employers, at a time when RTD needs community support in addressing its FasTracks budget woes. The average employer size has doubled since RTD began taking steps to restrict smaller business participation in the Eco Pass program. RTD has not studied the Eco Pass program as a whole to find out if it is in the red, in the black or breaking even relative to cash fares, other pass programs or in relation to the fare-related portion of the cost of service. A ten-fold increase in minimum employer size is far too extreme an action to take without supporting data that shows this change is necessary or that indicates it is certain to be beneficial.

    – Freeze growth on neighborhood Eco Pass programs: Now is the time that the public needs better access to transit – now more than ever. RTD has dragged its feet for years on implementation of the technology needed to provide management with the information to evaluate its pass programs – even though a State audit called on RTD to collect this information to evaluate its pass programs. Members of the public should not be punished for RTD’s inaction.

    – skyRide $5 surcharge: The skyRide is already included in the Eco Pass program pricing. If RTD wants to charge separately for this currently included service, the price of the Eco Pass should be reduced by a corresponding amount. This surcharge violates the fundamental concept of the Eco Pass as a pass that increases ridership by conveniently covering all regular rides in the RTD system.

    The above four proposed changes to the Eco Pass program should be vetted with the Board’s standing Eco Pass Study Group for consideration per the Board’s August 2004 direction as RTD invests in new fareboxes and electronic pass cards and finally begins collecting the long needed management information on all of RTD’s pass programs in January 2009.

    Please share your input with RTD even if you’re not a bus rider. RTD is largely funded by sales tax dollars and even if you don’t ride the bus, consider the impact if everyone currently using the Eco Pass joined you on the highway.

    Before the RTD Board makes their final decision about these rate increases on October 21, we suggest you provide you feedback in the following ways:

    1. Attend and provide public comment at one of two RTD board meetings in Denver. Go to the RTD building at 1600 Blake St. in downtown Denver:  Tuesday, September 16 at 5:30 p.m. or Tuesday, October 21 at 5:30 p.m. See:

    2. Contact your RTD Board member before the 5 PM September 19 public comment deadline. See: to find your Director. RTD asks that you send a copy of anything you send to your Director to the Board’s Executive Manager as well at:

    3. Attend one of the seventeen hearings that RTD has scheduled between Wednesday, September 10 and Thursday, September 18. A listing of dates, times and locations can be found at: Your input will be collected at any of these hearings but will carry the most weight if you attend the hearing closest to your home.

    If you plan to attend a hearing in Boulder, please be advised that there will be a major football game in progress on campus at the time of the Thursday, September 18th RTD hearing here from 6-8 pm in the UMC’s Glenn Miller Ballroom at 1669 Euclid Ave. Car parking will be extremely difficult and costly – so plan ahead to arrive on foot, by bike or transit if possible. Consider attending RTD’s earlier Boulder hearing at Noon the same day at the Boulder Public Library’s Canyon Theatre at 1000 Canyon Blvd.

  22. 22 Bob Whitson

    RTD considers raising Eco Pass rates
    Big hurt for businesses?
    Gene Davis, DDN Staff Writer
    Wednesday, September 10, 2008

    The Regional Transportation District is considering a proposal that would raise the rates of Eco Passes for small businesses, and is holding two public hearings today to discuss the proposed change.

    Sixty-six percent of companies in the Boulder and Denver area may lose their eligibility to provide employees with Eco Passes — an incentive program that allows employers to purchase RTD transportation passes for employees at a discounted rate — if the proposed increase is approved, according to Boulder East Community Transportation Options.

    However, RTD says they are just implementing a contract minimum after analyzing the cost for providing Eco Passes and considering necessary adjustments.

    RTD is raising rates 14-percent across the board for all bus and light rail fares to help offset an increase in costs, mainly gas prices. The public transportation company is proposing to increase the cost of the Eco Pass program an additional 5 percent to match “the increased utilization that is seen with the Eco Pass.”

    Critics of the proposed rate change claim the increase would negatively impact small businesses and the environment.

    “I don’t doubt that they have budget problems and it’s serious,” said Bob Whitson of Boulder East Community Transportation Options. “But eliminating small businesses from this really important program is not the option.”

    Courtney Coe, human resource manager for Space Science Institute, said many of the company’s 43 employees rely on the Eco Pass to get to and from work. She added that the pass is used as a recruitment tool to offer prospective employees and is a good boost for office morale.

    “They are supposed to be a public transportation company, and it doesn’t seem like they are considering what’s best for the public,” she said.

    Coe argued that RTD should consider raising the sales tax, which helps funds RTD, to offset rising fuel costs and keep the Eco Pass program at the same price.

    However, RTD spokesman Scott Reed said raising the sales tax specifically for the Eco Pass wouldn’t be appropriate.

    “A really small percentage of our passengers benefit from the Eco Pass program, while sales taxes are paid by everyone in the metro area,” he said. “So in fact, we would have everyone paying for a small number who would benefit.”

    Reed also said the Eco Pass provides a scenario where passengers who don’t have one are paying a cash fare and subsidizing people who use the discounted pass.

    ”It is an equity issue,” he said.

    Public input on the proposed increase ends Sept. 19 at 5 p.m. RTD has scheduled 17 public hearings throughout the Denver metro area on the issue.

    The RTD board of directors will makes a decision on the proposed increase either later this month or in October.

  23. 23 Bob Whitson

    RTD public hearings set for Thursday
    The Regional Transportation District will hold three public meetings in Boulder County on Thursday to hear comments on the transit authority’s proposed changes for 2009, including altering the structure of the EcoPass program.
    10 September 2008

  24. 24 Michelle Denton

    Thank you John Tayer for being a great advocate for us small-business EcoPass supporters. I am glad to find out that next year RTD will be able to evaluate EcoPass ridership. I completely agree that it seems hasty to eliminate 500 small businesses without knowing if these are in fact profitable or unprofitable accounts. For may small business of 10 employees, I can guarantee that we are a profitable account for RTD. Of the 10 employees, only 3 went to the trouble to have a picture EcoPass ID taken. Of those 3, there are only about 10 total rides a week (all of which are local). Neither SkyRide nor Guaranteed Ride Home is ever used by the 3 employees. So you might ask, why should I care then if the pass goes away. It is true that it probably wouldn’t impact my business too much. The 3 employees would resume driving their cars – they absolutely would not buy monthly passes. Like other small businesses, I have supported the EcoPass program because it is supporting a “green” effort and I have long thought that maybe more employees would try it at some point.

  25. 25 Bob Whitson

    Don’t Cut Eco Pass!–Colorado Environmental Coalition
    The Regional Transportation District (RTD) is responding to higher gas prices by proposing cuts to their Eco Pass program. While it may make sense for RTD to raise fares to help offset rising costs, it makes absolutely NO sense to slash the Eco Pass program, just when more people than ever need public transportation.

  26. 26 Cory Allen

    I completely agree with George Morris’ initial comments. Imposing fare hikes is reasonable in these economic times, but making it harder for small businesses to use the ECO Pass is counter intuitive. A layered/tiered system makes much more sense.

  27. 27 Maureen Taylor

    I was going to leave a post about wanting a new Eco Pass program started in the Four Mile Creek area of Boulder. My 13yr old sons are now old enough / mature enough (we can only hope!) to travel on their own for most of the journey from Peak to Peak in Lafayette to Four Mile Creek estate in Boulder. They get off at Foothills Hospital which is just a short drive away. This costs me 85c per boy per trip ($1.70) so it really starts to add up, however it saves me at least $1.80 at current gas prices for every return trip (26 mile round trip) that I don’t have to make to their school. I really want them to use the bus!!

    I want to encourage the boys to use this form of transport for lots of reasons – environmental, increased independence and confidence etc.. but I also want them to realise that going on mass transit is the most convenient and cost effective way to travel regularly. The convenience of a single pass is absolutely crucial – when you have one you never think twice about taking mass transit, just hopping on and off – when you live / work in London the tube / bus is just so convenient – who needs a taxi?

    However, can I make a radical suggestion? Instead of worrying if you have enough people in a certain neighbourhood in Boulder why don’t you just expand the idea of neighbourhood so that it covers say Boulder City. The number of people that need to be signed up can initially be set to the number of people in Boulder City that currently use the Eco Pass system, perhaps even a 5% increase on that number to start encouraging take up, and offset the RTD budget increases. Just set a deadline to apply by, and of course advertise widely to all existing NECO areas. You should find that you easily get the numbers that you need and cut down on administration into the bargain. There must be many people who live in neighbourhoods currently in Boulder that just can’t raise the initial numbers to get a NECO started. Each year the qualifying number can be reviewed.

    I think that the people of Boulder would go for this.

    I expect a similar aggregating system could also be applied for the small company side.

    Let’s get people onto the buses and out of their cars for all that commuting !

    Oh by the way I do think that a $5 surcharge to DIA is still good value as the parking alone for a day would cost that much….

  28. 28 Leonard Sitongia

    Many public transportation agencies are raising rates due to the increase of gas costs. They are also reducing services. In this crazy world of supply and demand, some part of the increase must be due to using cost increase to _reduce_ demand and the optimization of profit allowed by increased demand. Interesting that the web page on the RTD increase has the following sentence, “Increase per employee rates by additional five percent in every rate category due to program ridership increases.”.

    It is very unfortunate that the increase in the cost of gas, which many of us hoped would tip the consumers over to a world of public and alternative transportation, leads to reduced service and increased costs, so that consumers will weigh the options and continue to choose driving single occupant gasoline vehicles.

    RTD rate increases are too much, and they are pricing and reducing themselves out of significance.

  29. 29 Bonnie McNellan

    Our neighborhood is trying to get an Eco Pass Program started and the responses that we have been getting back are quite varied. The ones that impress me the most are from our neighbors who say they normally don’t take the bus but would be willing to participate because they feel that would be the neighborly thing to do and that it would also be more eco-friendly. They mention “who knows maybe this will get us to take the bus once in a while!” How can RTD go wrong by encouraging more neighborhoods to join the NECO Program? Many people who we talked to may take the bus or would start to use it for their infrequent trips to Denver. It seems that RTD would be increasing their revenue from many neighbors who would have never considered taking the bus before. I think we have just one neighbor who commutes regulary to Denver. This neighbor of course, would have a great savings if we could join the NECO program. But, the majority of us are people who would just be starting to explore Bus Transportation. Wouldn’t it be great to encourage those of us who would not normally take the bus and therefore would have not contributed to your revenue before the NECO pass. Please consider keeping the Neighborhood Program open to new Neighborhoods. At the Neighborhood meeting last week, there were several neighborhoods wanting to start a program. Many more people are interested in doing more for our environment but need some incentive to do so. That is why the Neighborhood Program is a GOOD THING!

  30. 30 Pamela Ruehle

    I think that RTD really needs to seriously reconsider the staff proposals. Our neighborhood – Four Mile Creek – is very interested in the Neighborhood Eco Pass Program. At a time when we all need to seriously conserve fuel it seems that our public transportation systems should be doing everything they can to increase ridership and get cars off the road. I believe this would only make the bus system more profitable. With a neighborhood eco pass program it would be much more affordable for my husband to take the bus to work. We would also use it for trips to Denver and the airport. Please reconsider!!

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