It is with great appreciation for the honor and privilege that the constituents of RTD District O (Western Boulder County, including Boulder, Louisville, Lyons, Superior and the mountain communities) bestowed on me through their votes in 2006 and again in 2010, that I make the difficult decision to resign my seat on the RTD Board of Directors.  My new role as President & CEO of the Boulder Chamber, while offering the chance to contribute to our community from a different perspective, is placing demands on my time that will conflict with my RTD Board obligations.

Throughout my six years on the RTD Board, I worked with engaged citizens, local elected leaders, my RTD Board colleagues and RTD staff to advance a number of important transit initiatives.  Arriving on the Board at a time when RTD first realized it did not have the resources to meet its original FasTracks commitment, there are obvious reasons why the effort to secure the best outcome for my Boulder County constituents and the rest of the RTD region has been a priority during my tenure.

As we watch the progress of the new high-occupancy vehicle lanes march down US36, bringing the promise of traffic-free bus service between Boulder and Denver, referred to as bus- rapid transit or BRT service, I am proud to have joined in the team effort to secure funding for that exciting transit investment.  We are making huge progress on other elements of the FasTracks system, the product of innovative financing strategies, strategic federal grant requests and a lot of regional give and take.  Finally, though the near-term vision of rail service to the northwest region remains financially elusive, I am excited by the fresh look we are taking at the best future transit investment options for my District O constituents.

Beyond FasTracks, there are a number of other accomplishments that I was fortunate to have a direct hand in achieving over the past six years.  Top among them was the successful battle to preserve the Eco Pass, one of RTD’s best customer service and marketing programs. Now, with the advent of a new Smart Card system, I look forward to seeing the Eco Pass further blossom; with the opportunity extend this convenient fare mechanism to entire communities.

With my personal focus on securing a more stable financial platform for RTD’s transit services, initiating and chairing the Fiscal Sustainability Task Force was another point of pride.  The Task Force members, through their diligent and creative pursuit of both operations efficiencies and revenue enhancements, have been the source of some of the most important measures to strengthen RTD’s financial foundation.  I look forward to further implementation of the Task Force recommendations in the months ahead.

I began my RTD Board service with the goals of “protecting the promise of FasTracks, strengthening the Eco Pass program, putting the passenger first, and fiscal accountability”.  There has been welcome progress on all those fronts during my Board tenure, along with a fair share of challenges.  That is the nature of public service.  I was glad to have the chance to give my best throughout and to work with some amazingly dedicated and talented partners, whether on the Board, amongst RTD staff, or back in the District.

I plan to remain in my Board seat until the Boulder County Commissioners appoint a District O representative to replace me.  Fortunately, there is a great deal of bench strength in Boulder County and I am sure the Commissioners will identify someone who is well-prepared to fill the remaining two years of my current term.  I look forward to supporting that individual in whatever way is useful.

With this note, though, I want to thank my RTD Board colleagues and RTD staff for the chance to serve with you and advance our shared goals for increased transit mobility across the Denver region.  I also thank the hard-working transportation leaders of District O, both elected and administrative, who supported my efforts and lead many of the fights for our local transit interests.

Mostly, I thank my District O constituents for the chance to serve you for the past six years on the RTD Board.  Our work together secured the critical economic, environmental and quality of life benefits of a strong transit system.  It’s been a great ride!


John L. Tayer

RTD Board Director – District O


The long-delayed Smart Card technology is heading toward initial roll-out for Eco Pass holders beginning in January of 2013.  The following Daily Camera story provides a good status report on the implementation effort:  “‘Smart cards’ to debut in 2013, helping RTD collect ridership data“.

As RTD staff notes in the above news story, the Smart Cards will give RTD “. . . a very accurate picture of usage, and we’ll be able to price the Eco Pass program accurately.”  This is important from the perspective of insuring that RTD receives the authorized farebox revenue from its transit services.

Another, less obvious benefit of the Smart Card program relates to my goal of creating a community-wide Eco Pass.  The new Smart Card data should make it easier for RTD and local officials to more accurately assess the fair cost for such an expansion of the Eco Pass program.

Removing questions regarding pricing fairness from the equation is an important hurdle to overcome as we pursue the vision of expanding access to the convenience and cost benefits of the Eco Pass program to all residents.


In the interest of sharing all perspectives . . . I want you to know that a representative of the Colorado Rail Passenger Association (Colo-Rail) took issue with the column, Fighting for FasTracks, that Lee Kemp, Will Toor and I published in the Daily Camera.

In his highly critical opinion piece, Colo-Rail president James M. Souby states that he is, “[A]mazed that the three elected leaders have chosen to work against a system supported by two thirds of the electorate.”  He then details his concerns regarding RTD’s planned BRT service and the virtues of the proposed Northwest Rail line.  You can read Mr. Souby’s full piece here: Stay the Course on Rail Service.

Without getting into a detailed critique of Mr. Souby’s commentary, it is important to note that Will, Lee and I made clear our shared disappointment in the progress toward completing the Northwest Rail line.  We are only suggesting that, in the face of a much higher than anticipated price tag for this system and the lack of any funding to cover it for the foreseeable future, both rail proponents and critics should support a study that looks at alternative rail alignments and technology options for the Northwest area.  The goal of this study, consistent with the stated interests of Mr. Souby, is to identify “the best long-range transportation system for people in Colorado.”

Mr. Souby makes a number of worthy points in his opinion piece, including his summary of the advantages of passenger rail service.  He also offers some suggestions for moving the Northwest Rail line forward that we should consider, like various cost savings opportunities, while some of his other ideas may be implausible in the face of conditions the railroad owner, Burlington-Northern, would impose on passenger rail operations.  Regardless, all of this is appropriate to address in the planned Northwest area study.  I also look forward to exploring these issues further at the upcoming Colo-Rail meeting on September 22.


You’ve probably seen some of the recent news reports that highlight growing anger and frustration in the northwest region regarding the slow pace of promised FasTracks investments, for example: “Cities angry over delays in passenger rail service” and “Northwest Rail woes amplified in meeting of Longmont, Louisville leaders“.

In response, I joined with RTD Board Chair Lee Kemp and Boulder County Commissioner Will Toor on the following guest opinion piece that appeared in today’s Daily CameraFighting for FasTracks (the full piece, including an opening quote that the Daily Camera editorial staff dropped, is below).

I’m interested to hear your perspective on it . . .

Fighting for FasTracks

 “When in wonder or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout.”

As three of Boulder County’s representatives to the alphabet soup of agencies, including DRCOG (Denver Regional Council of Governments), RTD (Regional Transportation District), and the US36 MCC (Mayors and Commissioners Coalition), that help guide transportation policy decisions in the Denver region, it’s been awfully appealing to join the tempest of indignation around the current state of the FasTracks program.  A combination of national economic head-winds and some major planning miscalculations in the run-up to the original 2004 FasTracks vote are dealing a particularly rough blow to promised transit investments for our area.  You’ve heard the anger over this situation expressed in such quotable remarks as, “take the gloves off” and “hit them in the face.”

Absent threats of physical violence, the three of us have done our fair share of griping and complaining.  We even entertained the same kind of rough justice talk that we hear from others, like lawsuits, breaking away from RTD and other strong-arm measures to secure our transit benefits.  But, as the saying above implies . . . we can choose to vent our frustrations in an unproductive fashion or, as we prefer, focus our energy on the fight for practical solutions in alliance with our regional partners.

For the immediate term, we joined with our other US36 colleagues to prioritize full build out of bus-rapid-transit (BRT) system.  Why the focus on BRT?  With an estimated daily ridership of 20,400 by 2035, the US36 BRT system has long been recognized as the transit workhorse for Boulder/Denver commuters.  This compares favorably to the expected Northwest Rail ridership of only 9,9000 daily passenger trips, due to fewer station locations, longer travel times, and the very limited operations schedules RTD could reasonably negotiate with Burlington-Northern, the company that owns the tracks (and refuses to sell them).

With key support from our congressional delegation and some scrappy teamwork by elected community leadership and transportation staff in the US36 corridor, we secured critical federal grants and loans for the BRT system.  Matched with funds from the FasTracks tax, as well as assistance from DRCOG and the Colorado Department of Transportation, we now have the $400 million to begin construction of two high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes between Boulder and Westminster.  These HOV lanes are the backbone of the BRT system, creating traffic-free travel for RTD buses, along with carpoolers and toll-paying drivers.

BRT is far more than merely HOV lanes, though.  True BRT includes travel amenities and service enhancements such as specially designed and high frequency buses, real-time bus information, faster loading with pre-pay fare systems, and improved stations.  That is the standard of “rail-like” service which characterizes model BRT systems around the globe and is the same BRT service standards we expect RTD to deliver for our corridor.  While most of these elements will be expedited to meet the 2015 completion date for the HOV lanes, we are aggressively pursuing additional FasTracks dollars, federal grants, and other funding sources to complete the full, true BRT, system.

Of course, even as we celebrate our important advancements on the BRT front, make no mistake that we recognize the dearth of progress on RTD’s commitment to the Northwest Rail line.  Ongoing efforts to build the Northwest Rail line in a reasonable timeframe have been stymied since the announcement in December, 2011 regarding its soaring construction cost of well over $1 billion and insufficient sales tax revenue to complete this system for at least several decades, absent a public vote in favor of additional tax dollars.

With the goal of recommitting to a clear transit investment vision for our corridor, we are again joining with the elected community representatives from the northwest region to design a study that will test previous assumptions underlying our planned investment in commuter rail service, including its cost-effectiveness and proposals for alternative rail routes and technology options.  The protestations of rail critics and advocates aside, a conversation of this nature is essential now that more detailed cost information is on the table.  We are excited to engage all corridor stakeholders in this full vetting of the means to most effectively and efficiently address long-term transit needs in our corridor and the strategy for securing all necessary financing in a reasonable period.

Yes, there has been some progress toward securing the FasTracks commitments for Boulder County.  As we endure the headaches that come with construction on US36, we can all take heart in completion of the bus/HOV lanes into Boulder and our progress toward a true BRT system.  With respect to the Northwest Rail line, at least all the cards are finally on the table and we can begin an honest conversation regarding the best path forward.

But we aren’t nearly as far down the line as anyone would have liked.  It makes us fighting mad, for sure.  Rather than run in circles, screaming and shouting, though, we are focused on aggressively pursuing the most practical route toward achieving the vision of regional transit mobility that the 2004 FasTracks plan embodied.  We hope you will join us in that fight.


The news is old: RTD Board nixes FasTracks tax vote this year.

My position on this front was clear, as stated in the above article: I could not support moving forward with an increase in the FasTracks tax in the absence of “a specific plan and a specific time frame.”  Since December and the RTD staff finding that the combination of Burlington-Northern rates and other capital costs will exceed $1 billion for the Northwest Rail line (between $1.1 billion and $1.7 billion, depending on the year of expenditure), RTD engaged in a responsible discussion regarding the most appropriate transit infrastructure investment for the northwest region.  Unfortunately, with far too many holes in the details of the optional investment strategies RTD staff offered anbd insuffient evaluation time, the northwest corridor stakeholders were far from a consensus position on which direction to take in the march toward a 2012 FasTracks tax vote.  This is not a criticism of either RTD staff or the northwest corridor stakeholders.  We simply face a challenge that will take more than a few months to resolve.

So how do we move FasTracks forward?  First and foremost, we need to make the best use of the FasTracks tax dollars that RTD already has at its disposal and use them to leverage other available resources.  This includes, as John Fryer explained in his recent Time-Call story, RTD officials remain committed to completing FasTracks’ Northwest Corridor, “[A]ggressively pursuing federal grants and possible public-private partnerships to help fund improvements throughout the district-wide FasTracks system.”  You can be sure that I will work to direct a fair share of these resources toward projects that serve Boulder County.  Most critically, we want to make sure there is funding available to support the build-out and operation of true bus-rapid-transit service along US36 as we move toward completing the HOV lanes between Westminster and Boulder.

Just as important, I have called on RTD staff to reinvigorate the conversation it began in the northwest region regarding our options for future transit infrastructure investments.  We know a lot more since we first passed the FasTracks ballot initiative back in 2004.  I believe it is incumbent on all of us, whether we are firm advocates for the current Northwest Rail line alignment and technology or proponents of a very different approach, to conduct a broad review of all our investment options so we are sure we are making the right choice for meeting our future transit needs.   Once we arrive at that consensus investment plan [or, as I said to John Aguilar in his story for the Daily Camera, Northwest Rail advocates look for ‘fresh start’ on RTD commuter train, once we are absolutely “clear what it is that we’re committing to this corridor and what the timing of those investments would be”], we will be in a much better place to advocate for the necessary resources to build it.

So, while the RTD Board is passing on 2012 . . . we continue to move forward toward fulfilling the promise of the FasTracks program.


Amidst the difficult conversation regarding future FasTracks plans for the Northwest corridor, I did want to make sure that everyone was apprised of the positive progress toward implementation of bus-rapid-transit (BRT) service along US 36.  Specifically, the Colorado Department of Transportation has signed a contract to begin construction of a single road lane in both directions from Westminster to Interlocken.  You can read more about the project here: US 36 BRT.

The new road lanes will carry buses as well as high-occupant vehicles and those who are willing to pay a fluctuating toll rate.  It is important to note, though, that the primary purpose of the new lanes is to allow buses to flow, unimpeded by traffic, in their travels along the corridor.  This should greatly reduce travel time for bus service between Boulder and Denver.

Ultimately, the new road lanes will extend all the way into Boulder.  We are working to make this happen, sooner rather than later, through various creative public and private financing mechanisms.  So, stay tuned for what I hope will be more good news to report in the near future . . .

Of course, all the exciting future travel benefits this US 36 project offers will not come without some pain in the coming months.  Construction of the new road lanes likely will have major traffic impacts along US 36.  This will be a challenge for everyone.

CDOT, RTD and the transportation advocacy organization, US 36 Commuting Solutions are working to limit the suffering.  They are devising a variety of travel coping strategies, including traffic information services and avoidance measures.  I recommend that you keep in touch with US 36 Commuting Solutions at to stay abreast of the project progress and available travel assistance.

To be clear, though, the US 36 project represents a critical investment for our region which will significantly improve transit service between Boulder and Denver.  I look forward to celebrating once we get through the painful construction period.


Last Tuesday evening, the RTD Board took its long-awaited vote on the proposed plan for major transit investments in the Northwest corridor under the FasTracks program.  The tally was 13-2 in favor of what RTD staff dubbed, the “hybrid” proposal.  You can learn more about the “hybrid” proposal and additional information that staff prepared in response to public and Board questions through the following link:

I voted with the majority in favor of moving the “hybrid” proposal forward for a variety of reasons that I will outline below.  However, it is worth noting that two newspapers chose to highlight the scepticism I expressed concerning the success of a potential 2102 ballot initiative which would raise additional funds to complete the FasTracks program.  You can read the full newspaper stories here: Daily Camera and Denver Post.  Specifically, the Daily Camera included this quote from my statement prior to the Board vote:  “‘This is a very rough year [to] go back to the voters for more funding,’ said board member John Tayer. ‘I’m not going into this with wild ideas that people want to get taxed.'”

Not to split hairs, but the Denver Post story replaced “want” with “willing”.  I am not sure which I said, but I know my intent was to argue that I doubt the public wants to pay more taxes to complete the FasTracks program.  However, they might be willing to provide additional funding if RTD can make a strong case for that investment.  Therein lies the challenge . . .

As I explained in the rest of my statement during last Tuesday’s meeting, my support for the staff recommendation was a vote in favor of continuing the FasTracks planning process, including the state mandated annual review by the Denver Regional Council of Governments.  My vote was not, though, a commitment to approve a 2012 ballot initiative.

I was willing to support moving forward with the “hybrid” proposal because it meets two important goals:  The plan both provides immediate short term transit relief for our corridor through implementation of a strong bus-rapid-transit system (BRT) while making a long term commitment to complete Northwest Rail line.   In this way, the “hybrid” proposal attempts to thread a very small needle between those who support only the rail line and those who are partisan, at least in the short term, to the BRT system.

Since the “hybrid” plan is a relatively new concept, there still are many details RTD staff needs to clarify.  As I said last Tuesday, once shocked – twice burned.  The Northwest corridor has been on the short end of FasTracks investment and regional transit investments, generally.  This discrepancy must end.  I will not support additional FasTracks funding through a 2012 ballot initiative without much more thorough clarification of the infrastructure and operations elements in the “hybrid” plan for the Northwest corridor and firm implementation commitments.

For now, though, I feel the FasTracks planning process is moving in a positive direction.  I do think a 2012 FasTracks ballot initiative will face a difficult uphill slog toward success.  However, my ultimate goal is to complete the FasTracks program faster . . . and we can’t get there without additional public funds.  The “hybrid” option seems to offer the best opportunity to bring all the competing interests together around a common vision for regional transit investments.  Let’s continue the due diligence process and our efforts to protect the promise of FasTracks.

p.s.  Since I last wrote, a couple of local media outlets have weighed-in with their perspectives on the FasTracks plan for the Northwest corridor, some prior to introduction of the “hybrid” proposal.  The Daily Camera editors offered this opinion, Hop on the bus, Gus, while their Editorial Advisory Board had this to say: Editorial Advisory Board.  The Boulder Weekly also offered a strong condemnation of RTD’s work on the FasTracks program and proposed implementation plans: RTD runs the old bait and switch.  Finally, the Times Call issued this very critical statement regarding the FasTracks program and the reception a potential future ballot initiative would receive in Longmont: Longmont voters have ‘no stomach’ for RTD tax.


After a couple of months wrestling with the three options for FasTracks investments in the Northwest corridor that I have detailed in previous blog posts . . . RTD staff got even more creative with a new “hybrid” option.  This option responds to public support for completing the rail system while providing immediate transit relief through significant bus-rapid-transit (BRT) investments.  The hybrid option is fully described in the following link:  Hybrid Option -RTD Staff Presentation.

Initial response to the hybrid option has been mixed, though it did seem to breath new life into the potential for a 2012 FasTracks ballot initiative.  A recent Denver Post editorial was typical of the public reaction: A full FasTracks can still happen.  As the editorial notes, though, RTD needs to “keep working” . . . and we are.

Most critically, RTD staff is working to tackel a number of questions regarding specific elements of the hybrid proposal.  Of most obvious interest are questions concerning the time-frame for completing the Northwest Rail line and the operating characteristics of the BRT system.  But we will need to fill-in many other elements of the final hybrid package before it is ready for prime time (i.e. worthy of taking to the voters).

Meanwhile, the RTD Board is scheduled this Tuesday to approve forwarding a single preferred FasTracks plan, among the options staff has offered or some other variation the Board might propose, to the Denver Regional Council of Governments for their annual state-mandated review.  This vote will represent an important declaration from the RTD Board regarding its strategy for completing the full FasTracks program.  While I have already received encouragement from community representatives in the Northwest corridor to move the hybrid option forward, such as this letter from the US36 Mayors and Commissioners Coalition: MCC 36CS March 16 2012 Letter and March 12 Comments and Questions, your input prior to Tuesday’s important vote is appreciated.


I want to share the most recent information that RTD staff prepared in its evaluation of the transit investment options for the Northwest Corridor.  Specifically, staff gave the following presentation at last Tuesday’s meeting as part of an overall update concerning the Annual Program Evaluation for FasTracks:  2012-02-14 APE Update.  This update features a very informative side-by-side comparison of the bus-rapid-transit (BRT) and Northwest Rail systems.

I also want to urge you to attend a meeting that RTD is hosting at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February 22 at the Omni Interlocken Hotel in Broomfield.  This meeting will feature input from both commuter rail and BRT experts regarding the transit systems we are considering for our corridor.  For those who can’t be there in person for the February 22 meeting, RTD is accepting direct input on the proposed transit investment options through March 1 at

Finally, as a demonstration of how wrenching the current dialogue has become for local policy leaders concerning the optional transit investments for the Northwest Corridor, I suggest you have a look at the following two news reports:

Indeed, there is no easy solution that will satisfy all interests in this situation.  As we continue to collect all the information we need to make the best transit investment decision, though, I look forward to hearing your perspective.


With the announcement concerning a new, much inflated cost for the Northwest Rail Line, there has been a great deal of talk about the implications for future transit investments in the Boulder County area and the direction of the FasTracks program.

At the moment, all eyes are on the US36 corridor, where public officials, planners and citizens are coming to grips with the new price tag for the Northwest Rail Line.  It seems, as a recent Daily Camera story indicates, that our corridor’s decision regarding the preferred transit investment strategy is the “Key to FasTracks.”  There is some truth to this, but with many twists.

If Boulder County communities and other cities along the US36 corridor can’t come to agreement on a preferred option, then it will be difficult to pass a future tax initiative to complete the FasTracks program.  That’s because Boulder County typically gives strong support to transit ballot initiatives, which is critical to overcoming less enthusiasm in other corners of the Denver region.  Without a transit investment plan that all the communities in this area can enthusiastically back, it is likely that the votes of our citizens will be similarly split at the ballot box.  That could be the death knell for a future tax initiative.

But is a consensus position possible?  Many communities are set on the rail alternative.  They planned development around the future Northwest Rail Line stations.  Westminster Mayor Nancy McNally’s comments in a recent newspaper story, “Broomfield leaders: Is rail line still realistic?“, are indicative of this sentiment:  “What our council has said is, ‘We don’t have another choice than to fight for what we have been working on for seven years.’  (Bus rapid transit) is not what the city has been planning for, and it’s not what the citizens have been planning for.”  And, quite frankly, many only supported FasTracks originally because they thought it would bring rail service to Boulder County.   “When is the rail line coming?” still is the most common question I get as an RTD Board representative, despite the financial uncertainty.

Others look at the numbers and have concluded that investment in a high-end bus rapid transit (BRT) system is the only logical alternative for the US36 corridor.  This includes longtime Northwest Rail Line skeptics, such as Bob Greenlee (see “All aboard?“), as well as those who feel the new cost projections force us to reconsider the rail option.  Boulder County Commissioner Will Toor alludes to that sort of thinking in a recent Denver Business Journal article, “With costs soaring for FasTracks’ NW rail line, RTD eyes no-build option“:  “I continue to be very concerned about the ability for us to publicly defend the Northwest rail’s numbers.  I’m looking at the options, but more discussion is needed.”

The pressure to arrive at a corridor consensus is exacerbated by the proposal to place a FasTracks funding initiative on the ballot in 2012.  Many have concluded that this is the best year to approach the voters, for a variety of reasons, and political and business leaders are giving it serious consideration.  Undoubtedly, the RTD Board and other stakeholders will base a final decision to proceed on factors such as the state of the regional economy, poll results concerning the appetite of voters for additional taxes, and resolution of the above mentioned transit investment quandary for the US36 corridor.

Further muddying the waters is talk by the Colorado Department of Transportation of trying to couple additional FasTracks funding with tax support for roadway improvements.  This concept has received preliminary support from various interests and commentators (see “Governor needs a two-track mind“).  Others, however, reason it is best to plug ahead solely with the FasTracks funding request in light of many unanswered questions regarding a regional roadway initiative (e.g. what roads would receive funding, implications for the distribution of other state roadway dollars, etc.).

Frustrated and confused by all of this?  You are not alone and many are so flummoxed that they are ready to throw in the towel on any chance of resolving these issues in time to run a successful 2012 FasTracks ballot initiative.  Personally, I am more concerned about making the right transit investment decision for our corridor and will focus my work, in the near-term, on obtaining all the information we need to conduct that analysis.  We still have some time to decide on a preferred investment strategy, be it rail, enhanced BRT, or some other combination of the two, and how and when to go to the voters for additional funding.  But, you can see the dilemma . . . so please let me know what you recommend as the best approach to regional transit investments for Boulder County.  Let’s get this right!



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